Rainwater Tank Jamestown SA

Rainwater Tank Jamestown S.A. 5491

Our recent rainwater tank build was for our clients in Jamestown SA 5491.   Our clients had previously had a couple of rainwater tanks in their yard.  These had recently started to develop a leak and they decided it was time to replace these rainwater tanks.
concrete base for rainwater tank with cream house in background

Level concrete base for Rainwater Tank Installation

The local builder helped them to do this and also removed the old tank stands that were in place to hold the old rainwater tanks. In doing so, he created some lovely level concrete pads for the new rainwater tanks.       Being a country property there is plenty of room to get in and erect the tank, but our client has an existing beautiful garden and we were able to build the tanks on site with minimal disruption to the plants and structures.     As you can see from the images, they have selected to use Galvanised Steel tanks with an Aquaplate liner. The liner and tank come with a 20year warranty on workmanship, and I am sure that these tanks will stand the test of time in the harsh weather-long dry summers and the cold wet winters and they will also withstand any bushfires. Here is some data on how various types of tanks stand up to testing during a bushfire.
Galvanised Rainwater tank on concrete base

Rainwater Tank on concrete base for home in Jamestown

Base rung for rainwater tank with Steve inside working

Setting up the base of the tank to ensure no leaks and that all is good.

            They selected to have 2 rainwater tanks built each holding approximately 13000ltrs and this will be collected off the existing house and shed. We have managed to plumb these tanks into the house so our clients can have their own rainwater for drinking.  Looking after themselves and taking a bit of strain of our existing water supplies. If you building or renovating your home why not give Steve a Call on 0428 6774210 to arrange a free quote for your rainwater tank.

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