Aquaplate Rainwater Tank in “Paperbark” for Elliston, property.

paperbark aquaplate rainwater tank for home in Elliston SA

Our clients contacted us to give them a quote for the installation of a new Aquaplate Rainwater Tank for their property in Elliston, SA.

Elliston is on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, you can find out more about Elliston here.

Our clients were wanting to have their own supply of clean drinkable water for their home. They chose an Aquaplate Rainwater Tank which will hold 25,000 litres of water.

Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks come in a variety of colours that can match to your existing garden décor. As you can see the colour chosen matches perfectly with the colour of the home. Please contact Steve to find out the variety of colours available.

The amazing thing about H2O Rainwater Tanks is that we manufacture our rainwater tanks on site.  We make our tanks in our workshop and transport it to your location and we erect the rainwater tank on site. This eliminates the need for us to use any heavy machinery like cranes and forklifts that might damage your garden and any infrastructure.

H2O Rainwater Tanks will also travel within the state to deliver for our customers.

When we erected this rainwater tank, we created the base for the structure.  It is important to construct the base correctly and to make sure that it is level and compacted to take the weight of the rainwater tank once it has water in it. We add a waterproof layer to protect the tank from any water that might seep up from the ground, we then place the base of the tank on this and continue with the rest of the rainwater tank.

Base for the aquaplate rainwater tank
Base for aquaplate rainwater tank.

This rainwater tank took us a day and we enjoyed a lovely drive out to the Eyre Peninsula and enjoyed some really great views. 

We are sure that our clients are happy with their new rainwater tank and will be able to harvest rainwater for many years to come.

When your building your home or upgrading your existing rainwater tank, please give Steve a call on 0428 477 610  to arrange a quote for your rainwater tank.

paperbark aquaplate rainwater tank for home in Elliston SA
aquaplate rainwater tank

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