Steel Rainwater Tanks vs Poly Rainwater Tanks

Performance guide of Rainwater tanks Studies dating back to Oct 2o06 were  undertaken to investigate the effects of bush-fire on Steel Rainwater Tanks and Poly Rainwater tanks, this research included Industrial Rainwater Tanks as well as Domestic Rainwater Tanks. The trials were done in NSW at the NSW Rural Fire Service experimental research facility. You can read the full report here:  Rainwater Tanks Performance in Bushfire

Aims of the Research:

The aim of this research was to gather information on how different rainwater tanks perform in bush fire situations.  This will help councils as well as householders in the decision making  process as to which type of tank to purchase for their situation. Three types of tanks were tested under the same conditions and the results were recorded.


Steel rainwater tanks showed signs of scorching with no damage or water loss in situations where tanks were exposed to fire for periods of time as in bush fire conditions. In situations where there was little litter around the poly tanks, they had small melts where the fire was concentrated. On days of extreme fire danger in a rapidly advancing fire situation, with a build up of litter the poly tanks will melt and leak from the bottom of the tank. Small leaks(2ltr/min) were detected in Steel tanks when placed in conditions similar to a structural fire for a period of time. However, Poly tanks will melt and collapse when exposed to flames for a extended timeframe as in a situation of a structural fire.


In conclusion it can be noted that corrugated steel rainwater tanks with or without an aqualiner are suitable for supplying water in bush fire prone areas. With this in mind, when you decide to replace your old rainwater tank or purchase your new rainwater tank, give Steve from H2O Rainwater Tanks a call.  He will construct your rainwater tank to suit your situation and install it with minimal disruption to your existing garden area. If you prefer you can email him as well. Steel rainwater tank with fire and flames around it  poly tank with fire and flames around it               Please note: this data is taken from: and we would like to acknowledge them for this information.

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