Replacement Rainwater Tank- West Beach, SA, 5024

Our recent replacement rainwater tank was for a family in West Beach, SA, 5024. They have had their old tank for quite a few years, it was now leaking pretty badly as can be seen by the marks on the tank.
Old rainwater tank with signs of leaking on base

The Old rainwater tanks showing signs of leaking

We found out how old the tank was by the fact that the tank was lined with concrete! This was normal back in the day! Needless to say that this made our job just a little bit more difficult.
side of house showing the closeness of eaves to fence line

The narrow access between house and fence

The other important factor was the closeness of the eaves and the fence line.  As you can see from the photos. The houses are built pretty close together and removing and replacing a rainwater tank in this situation can be quite a juggling act. Luckily for our clients this is Steve’s expertise, he has the technology to enable him to fabricate the tank to size and then erect the tank on-site so as to eliminate the need for expensive cranes or removing and replacing fences and any other garden infrastructure.

rainwater tank with old piece that has concrete lining

Old concrete lined rainwater tank

The Old Rainwater Tank Removal

Anyway, with a bit of “man handling” of the old tank and removing the concrete out of the old tank to make transporting and removal easier, Steve has managed to create a clean workspace for the new tank.
rainwater tank base made of bricks and concrete

The existing rainwater tank base still in great condition

The base for the tank was in great condition, they built them well back in the day! All that was needed was for us to move the new “rungs” for the rainwater tank into the yard and onto the tank stand and then to fasten it all together. We make sure that all the linings are installed correctly-no more concrete linings for this tank! We have the aquaplate lining installed here and this will ensure that our clients have fresh great rainwater for their household. Once the tank was installed, we then hooked it up to the house and now they are enjoying some great rainwater. If you have a rainwater tank that is leaking, or one that is in a difficult place to remove, why not give Steve at H2O Rainwater Tanks a call? He is more than happy to come out and assess your situation and replace that old leaky rainwater tank, with minimal disruption to your garden or fences.

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