Custom Built Rainwater Tanks Adelaide


Aquaplate Tanks – Woodland Gray


Custom Building Your Tank

H2O Rainwater tanks will custom build your rainwater tank to meet your exact requirements. We are able to fit your rainwater tank to the available space and specialise in sites with difficult or tight access. We are able to build your new rainwater tank onsite including site preparation and plumbing. We do this with minimal disruption to existing landscape.

Saving Money

Rainwater tanks are a great way to reduce mains water consumption and save on your water bill, they are also environmentally friendly. Local homes and businesses using rainwater tanks to collect and store water also reduces the infrastructure the cost for the local area and improve storm water quality.

The water collected in a rainwater tank can be used for drinking, for which we suggest using Aquaplate as it is the best option for drinking water quality. The water can also be used for watering the garden, bathrooms and laundries or in some cases the entire house can be reliant on a rainwater tank.

Rainwater needs to be filtered if it is going to be used for drinking, we are able to suggest appropriate filters and where they should be installed to get maximum benefit.


Your Rainwater Tank Needs

Our process starts with a free no obligation quote to assess your needs

  • Shape and size – We assess the property and help you choose the size and shape of your tank based on annual water usage and how large a roof you have. This helps to maximize the value of installing a rainwater tank.

  • Base preparation – Rainwater tanks can range from 1,000lt to 50,000lt which can be rather heavy, proper site preparation is very important to ensure the longevity of your tank.

  • Materials – We help you choose the most suitable materials for your tank based on what you want to use the water for and what color scheme you have on your house.

  • Access and assembly – We build onsite making the process as simple as possible without the need for cranes. Using galvanized or Aquaplate steel and even organize the plumbing for the tank, providing a start to finish service.

Our Service to You

H2O Rainwater Tanks is a family owned South Australian business, we offer a range of services including:

  • Custom built tanks, built onsite or available for pick up
  •  Provide free no obligation in home quotes
  •  Removal and Replacement of old leaky rainwater tanks
  • Base preparation
  •  Specialising on site assembly for tight access
  •  Work with a local plumber to arrange plumbing services to provide a full service.
  •  1000ltrs – 50,000 ltrs
  •  Roof repair on an existing rainwater tank

Aquaplate Tanks

Aquaplate rainwater tanks are made from Australian Bluescope steel. Your Aquaplate tank can be installed in a confined area, it is coated with a special food grade polymer to ensure water drinking quality. Aquaplate also has a 20-year warranty and is considered the highest grade tank for water quality.Aquaplate is available in a range of colorbond colours and gives the opportunity to match the colour to the existing colour theme of the house.

Galvanised Tanks

galvanised steel rainwater tank on existing base

Galvanised tanks are the most traditional rainwater tank also being a great cost effective option. We can tailor the galvanised rainwater tank to suit your individual needs based on volume, size or available space.

Fire Tanks

In rural communities, it is a requirement to have a London fitting which makes it readily available for firefighting. The London fitting can be installed in any of our custom tanks.


Rainwater Tank Applications

  • Rural – In Rural communities it is often easier and much more cost effective to have a rainwater tank. Larger style tanks are a convenient option where there’s no water mains supply, the installation of a London Fitting makes the tank a fire tank and is a requirement in rural communities. 
  • Commercial – Having a large tank onsite for the bathrooms and watering the garden makes it a cost effective option but also a fire smart option as the tank can be fitted with a London fitting which allows firefighters to use the water.
  • Residential – A rainwater tank for household water supply is a cost effective option especially in dry times. During a drought it gives you the option of being able to water your garden more frequently and potentially saving the plants from perishing.



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