Aquaplate Rainwater Tank

Aquaplate Rainwater Tank Install at Munno Para West SA 5115

We are pleased to share our latest aquaplate rainwater tank installation.  This time were in the suburbs of Adelaide, this time its at Munno Parra West, SA 5115. Our clients have a wonderful garden and are wanting to maintain their green patch over the summer months and have decided to install 2 Woodland Grey Aquaplate tanks.
single woodland grey aquaplate rainwater tank on cream base

First of 2 Woodland Grey Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks

    They have a selected place on the side of the shed and as the area is already built with fences etc, we needed to be able to get these rainwater tanks in without too much disturbance to the surrounding homes.   Luckily for us we can pre assemble these rainwater tanks to a point in the workshop and then come out and erect on site.  This enables us to create a minimal footprint on the property and the adjoining ones.   Naturally, getting the base done is paramount to your rainwater tank siting level and also for easy maintenance in the wetter months, and getting the best out of your rainwater tank.     Our clients picked a great time to install their rainwater tanks, as we are still in the winter months and Adelaide is currently receiving some much-needed rain.  I am sure with the available roof size of the home and shed, these tanks will be full in no time at all.   By the look of the colour these fit in nicely with the existing shed colour. Nice one! These rainwater tanks are made with Aquaplate Steel, so they come with a 20year warranty on the liner. So these will be around for quite some time.   Steve and the crew from H2Orainwater Tanks has done a wonderful job.   Are you ready to keep your green patch-green over the summer? Why not give Steve a call on 0428477610 to arrange a no obligation quote for your Aquaplate Steel Rainwater Tank. If your not up to calling, you can email him at and I am sure he will get back to you as soon as.

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