Edithburgh SA 5583

Edithburgh 5583 Rainwater Tank Installation

Old leaky rainwater tank at Edithburgh SA     This is one for the books, this rainwater tank at Edithburgh SA was in serious need of replacement.  How it stored water, no one knows!           The owners were very proactive and removed this beauty from the tank stand for us and got Steve in to do a quote on a new Galvanised Steel rainwater tank. They looked at a 7000 litre galvanised steel tank to keep with the theme of the property.  Steve was able to build this one in the workshop as it would fit on the trailer and be easily transported to the site at Edithburgh, SA. We did have to carry it through the garden area to get it onto the tank stand.  We had assembled most of it and did the final assembly at the property. Our clients are happy they are able to enjoy fresh untainted water to their home now. I am sure that the recent rains have added much needed water to the tank.  This tank will last them for quite some time! Is your rainwater tank looking a bit sad? Is it leaking? Can you do with a new look and great new tank to collect some great water for your home and garden? Why not give Steve from H2Orainwatertanks a call now on 0428 477 610 to arrange a quote on your next rainwater tank.  Or you can email him: info@h2orainwatertanks.com.au We look forward to hearing from you and installing your new rainwater tank.  

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