Aquaplate Rainwater Tank-Elizabeth Vale

Our Clients in Elizabeth Vale, SA. decided that they need to increase their rainwater collection.  They are keen gardeners and enjoy creating gardens and a peaceful space for their family. They have room to add another rainwater tank, on their already established property.

The new and existing rainwater tanks.

They have contacted us to obtain a quote for a new rainwater tank.  Steve was able to do this and assure the clients that installing the rainwater tank would not result in garden destruction.

The clients selected an Aquaplate Rainwater Tank in the colour called Paperbark.  This is a light cream that will complement the garden area.

Uses for your rainwater

Our clients have decided that they will use this water for their personal use for drinking and also to provide much needed water for their veggie patch. As you can see from the picture below, they have quite a veggie garden and the whole family love to be in the outdoors enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Our Family showing us their new Rainwater Tank and the veggies that they use the water for.

How our tanks are manufactured:

We shape and form the panels for the tank in our workshop and then transport it to your property.  Steve is then able to place it together on the base without using large machinery or a crane.  Starting with the base layer of the tank, we build the remaining panels to form the size of the tank. Using AQUAPLATE® steel, developed by BlueScope, which is a laminate consisting of a galvanized formable steel and a specially formulated food-grade polymer film. The rainwater tank comes with the 20yr warranty on materials, so you are assured that your tank will not rust or leak for a long time.

Our service ensures that your tank is made with care and eliminates the long wait period for a rainwater tank to be delivered. Once its delivered you then have to set it up and plumb it in, which can be difficult if you are not handy or have the necessary tools.

Our service to you, we quote,deliver and install your rainwater tank on your property without the need for expensive machinery as well as eliminating unnecessary garden upheaval.

Contact Us

When you are in the market for your next rainwater tank, why not give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 to arrange a no obligation quote for your next rainwater tank.

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