Galvanised Rainwater Tank-Meadows SA 5021

Our Recent rainwater tank installation at a property in Meadows,SA, 5021. This rainwater tank has the capacity to collect 17,000litres, naturally this depends on the amount of rain the area receives and also on the amount of roof space that is available to collect the water.  Our  clients did have the required roof area available to collect the rainwater run off. Our clients had already had two rainwater tanks, and had the area already prepared with the base constructed with concrete.  Unfortunately the second rainwater tank needed replacing.
concrete base next to existing rainwater tank

concrete base for new rainwater tank

Our clients removed this tank, and had contacted us to arrange a quote for the new tank. The base was already there and so it was just a matter of fitting the rainwater tank into the existing space. The clients had decided on a Galvanised Rainwater tank, fitted with the aquaplate lining for longevity of the unit.     Aquaplate is the lining that creates a barrier between the water and the tank. It is a membrane that will protect the water from coming into contact with the galvanised steel. This has several advantages, it will eliminate the metal taste that the water can take on, and it will protect the steel from pithing and becoming rusty.  Aquaplate Steel rainwater tanks come with a warranty as well. Our clients do not have access to “town supply” for their water needs, so having rainwater tanks will ensure that they can protect their water supply.
New rainwater tank next to old tank on existing concrete base

Side view of completed rainwater tanks at Meadows, SA

    As the base was already there we were able to construct the tank on a great base and fit in nicely with the garden area.  As you can see the two rainwater tanks side by side, looks great!         Why not give Steve a Call now on 0428 477 610  or to arrange a no obligation quote for your next rainwater tank.  It looks like Adelaide and surrounds is in a good pattern now for rain.  Who knows you probably will have a full tank of water if you get your rainwater tank installed in the next few weeks.

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