Rainwater Tank Mylor SA 5153

Another of our Custom Built Rainwater Tank Installations-this time at Mylor SA 5153, Mylor is situated on the outskirts of Adelaide, SA and has a hilly terrain. 

Path beside green shed showing access area to position rainwater tank

Access path to position of rainwater tank at Mylor

At present, Adelaide & South Australia are in the winter months and this is the optimum time to collect rainwater.  Mylor has a good supply of rain usually as it sits at the base of the Adelaide Hills. 
This is an established property surrounded by lots of trees and bushland. 

Our clients have an existing rainwater tank for their water supplies.  They had found that the other tank was leaking and needed replacing.  They put in a call to Steve-H2Orainwatertanks.com.au to give them a quote for a new tank and to supply and install. 

The client loved the idea that we could build on site.  This meant that we did not need to take out any trees, use cranes or take out any existing infrastructure.   

Building the Rainwater Tank

grey road base used to prepare area for rainwater tank

Existing Base ready for rainwater tank.

As they had removed the leaky rainwater tank, the pad from that rainwater tank was still there.  This made the sighting of the tank easy and this would enable a shorter time to replace the tank. 

These clients also do not have town water supply, so they need to collect as much as they can from the roofs and sheds on the property.  They also have to make sure that the water they collect is safe to drink. This might mean that they have filters installed to ensure safe drinking water is available.  They chose a great time to get a tank installed, with the great amount of rain we have been receiving. 

We managed to get a short video to show you the extent of the access we had to build this tank. You can check that video here  It is amazing to think that these panels can be shaped in the shop (to enable easy delivery) and then be carried into position ready to be put together by Steve.  This process, depending on weather as well can take 1-2 days from start to finish.  Pretty amazing I think! 

Base rung for rainwater tank with Steve putting it together

Base rung Rainwater Tank

Completed Galvanised rainwater tank next to green shed with tree in foreground

Completed rainwater tank

How to get your own Rainwater Tank?

How is your rainwater tank performing? Do you need to upgrade to a newer one? Ensure your family gets a great water supply by calling Steve from H2ORainwater Tanks Adelaide for a no obligation quote, and quick delivery to take advantage of the winter rainfall. You can also email Steve via our contact page.

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