Rainwater Tank Installation - Carey Gully SA 5144

Our recent Custom Built Rainwater Tank installation was at Carey Gully, SA, 5144.

Our lovely clients love living in this area of South Australia.  They are used to all the intricacies that come with living here.   Their main issue is that they do not have mains water!  This household needs to gather their own water for everyday usage.  Adelaide can be hot and dry; Carey Gully is in the hills area and as such they do get a bit more rain than homes on the Adelaide Plains.     Their block has lots of trees and some wonderful views of the surrounding area.   Anyway, back to the Rainwater Tank Installation!  They have a bank of rainwater tanks for their household supplies and recently checked their tanks and found that one was pretty old and starting to deteriorate.  In fact, it was leaking! Water is a precious commodity to all and especially to this household.  We have just come through a very dry Summer/Autumn and it was time to act. They contacted Steve at H2O Rainwater Tanks and got him out for a quote on a replacement tank for their leaky tank.    They were very aware of the terrain of their property and knew that getting a pre-made tank (poly) would mean that they could not site the tank without major disruption to their garden.  They were also aware that they might need a crane to bring the tank in, and this would mean extra dollars for the installation.     Here is a quick video of the area to site the tank.   Sighting the rainwater tank in tight areas with minimal disruption is what H2O Rainwater Tanks is known for.  They have the technology to make the tank and build it on site!  This enables them to bring components up, a section at a time and then to assemble them with minimum fuss.  Here are some pictures of the final installation of the rainwater tank at Carey Gully, SA.  
Base of tank, all rounds before the roof is attached, with roof attached next to poly tank.

Rainwater Tank- Carey Gully SA


The installation was completed before we had the recent downpour of about 30mls of rain.  I am sure our clients loved the fact that they did not have to wait for many weeks for a rainwater tank, and were able to capture the much needed rainwater for their daily use.

Is your property/household reliant on tank water for your household needs? Is your tank leaking or do you need more tanks to collect water? Why not give Steve a  Call 

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