steel grey rainwater tank on white base at cottage in Kapunda SARainwater Tank Kapunda SA

Our recent rainwater tank build took us to Kapunda SA,5373. Our clients have this great cottage in Kapunda and found that the rainwater tank was dated and leaking. They wanted a rainwater tank that would fit in with the home, that is look like it had always been there but without the wear and weather signs. The  pad was already built from the other tank, so they spruced it up with a lick of paint to make it look at bit more cared for. White base for rainwater tank on side of cottage in Kapunda SA We discussed their needs and came up with a Steel Grey Rainwater tank, made with Aquaplate Steel ofcourse! The Steel Grey of the rainwater tank compliments the white of the cottage very nicely. This tank was built on site with minimal disruption to the existing garden area. The clients were happy as it meant that they did not have to change anything and without a mess their tank will be ready to receive the rain, that was forcast for South Australia. As luck would have it we had completed this rainwater install just before South Australia had the much needed dose of rain. During the next 2weeks we received probably 23-25 mls of glorious rain to much of South Australia, and I am sure that with the roof area of the cottage there would have been the lovely sound of rainwater splashing into the tank. We are sure that they would have probably half filled the tank with this rain. Checkout the rainfall for Kapunda over the last few weeks here. No doubt another happy customer for Steve from H2O Rainwater.  Do you need a rainwater tank? Why not give Steve a Call on 0428477610 or email him to arrange a visit and a quote for your rainwater tank. As you can see they go all over the state, and there is no waiting time, they will be able to build, install and integrate your rainwater tank so your household is using this great resource and saving money.

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