Galvanised Steel Tank Built in Forest Range,SA,5139

concrete pad on hill surrounded with trees ready for rainwater tank placement

Concrete pad ready for the new tank.

Our clients were used to having their own clean clear drinking water but due to the existing poly tank roof deteriorating and cracking. Our suggestion was to go with a galvanised steel tank as it never dates and will last a long time, will withstand bushfires and will blend in with the environment. They needed to replace this tank with a new tank. Our Steel tanks also come with a 20 year warranty on the galvanised steel and the liner. These are our Aquaplate Steel Tanks, using the aquaplate lining to protect the water and the internal lining of the tank. Our clients are also very reliant on their rainwater tanks as this property has no town supply for their water needs.  They need to be savvy when selecting the type and size of tank for the family needs. Aquaplate Steel Tanks have a food grade lining to ensure that there is no leaching of the galvanised "taste" of the water. glavanised steel rainwater tank at forest range sa We were then able to connect these tanks with the existing tanks on site. This will ensure that when the Adelaide Rains do eventually come, their property will be harvest the rainwater and store it in the tanks for future use. The one thing with collecting rainwater off your roof space means that you can be sure that you are using great water and that you will be saving yourself money on purchasing water as well as paying for the upkeep of infrastructure for the town supply. Why not give Steve a Call to arrange a no obligation quote for your next rainwater tank, or if you prefer to email-  

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