Rainwater Tank for Fire Protection

Aquaplate Rainwater Tank for Firefighting purposes for property in Belair S.A,

Our clients contacted us to give them a quote for their new Aquaplate Rainwater Tank. They needed a rainwater tank that will supply them with enough water to enable them to protect their house should there be a bush fire in the Adelaide Hills areas.

About Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks
Our clients have chosen an Aquaplate Rainwater Tank that holds 22,500Litres of water in the colour of Woodland Grey. Aquaplate is a special polymer that is developed to be used in rainwater tanks, it is food safe lining. To learn more follow the link above.

This water will be used to protect the home in the event of a bush fire. The rainwater tank will be hooked up to the house sprinkler system, to be used in the event of a bushfire.

Fire Fighting Fittings
When we create a rainwater tank that will be used for homes that need a dedicated amount of water for firefighting, we supply two fittings. The fitting at the base of the tank is called a London fitting, this is set up so that the fire fighters who will be helping to save your home can quickly connect their hoses to this fitting.
The second fitting is placed higher up the rainwater tank and from this fitting you will be able to access the remaining water for use in your home.

Tank Manufacture
Our rainwater tanks are manufactured(shaped) in our workshop and transported on our truck to the destination and then assembled on the property. This eliminates the need for expensive cranes or us changing the landscape of your yard or buildings to enable us to place the rainwater tank.
Once we are at the property, we usually set up a base for the rainwater tank, and then we set about putting the tank together. The process will usually take us a day, subject to the size and space constraints for the tank.

Why Choose Us?
We are a local family owned business,we are passionate about our rainwater tanks, and we will travel to most areas and we work in tight spots with minimal disruption to your existing garden and landscape.

Why not give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 to arrange a no obligation quote on your next rainwater tank.

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