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The iconic Adelaide backyard piece is the traditional galvanised (galv) steel rainwater tank.  Many houses were built with a rainwater tank to enable households to collect rainwater. These rainwater tanks have been around for more than 20 years.  Some of these may be showing rust marks or may even be leaking. When they were built back in the day, there was not any lining in them.  If the gutters do not have any gutter mesh or gutter guard installed, this may lead to contaminants like leaves, dead birds, or vermin entering the tank. Having no lining may have also made the water taste a bit different. Gutter mesh is a good item to install as it will prevent a lot of maintenance issues with your gutters and your rainwater tank.  The mesh acts as a filter and will prevent contaminants entering your tank. It will also prevent debris build up in your gutters. It will also prevent your gutters from rusting prematurely.


Materials Used

We currently use Aquaplate Steel for our rainwater tanks.  Aquaplate is a Bluescope Steel product and is a food grade lining that is bonded to steel to protect your water from contaminants and the tank from corrosion. Rainwater tanks made with Aquaplate come with a 20year warranty against rust and corrosion. We can manufacture your tank in a range of colours and styles to suit your space and requirements. We can manufacture tanks from 1000ltrs to 10,000litres and fit them to any space without the need for heavy lifting equipment.  We partially manufacture them offsite and then fit them into your prepared area without much disruption and lessen the damage to your environment. With most yard areas being smaller, we can manufacture a slimline tank that can be installed to the side fence, or the side of the house where it will be a garden piece. Slimline tanks come in a range of colours to suit most colour schemes, as well as the traditional galvanised steel look.  You too can save our valuable water resource and have a green garden all year round with a Slimline steel rainwater tank. We are qualified to prepare the base to ensure that your tank will be adequately supported, and we can plumb it so that you have a ready supply of rainwater for your garden needs or household use. We can also supply the extra hardware such as pumps ,filters, diverters, taps, level gauges and any other accessories that you might need. Check out our gallery page for more images of tanks we have installed and custom built.

Design & Quote

We provide a comprehensive design and setup service for your steel rainwater tank.  Steve  will assess your site, and provide you with a quote for the work that is needed to manufacture and install your rainwater tank. If you currently have an old galvanised steel rainwater tank we can remove your old tank and replace it with another galvanised rainwater tank or an aquaplate one in a choice of colours to suit.

How to proceed

To book a free consultation with Steve for your next galvanised steel rainwater tank, please call 0428 477 610 or email to info@h2orainwatertanks.com.au and we will be happy to come out to quote for your next rainwater tank.

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