Rainwater Tanks and Gardening

The Spring Rains in Adelaide are a boon for gardeners. Rather than letting them go to waste, why not install a rainwater tank to catch this wonderful natural resource.

Rainwater Tanks and Your Garden.

Having a rainwater tank can provide you with much needed water to maintain your garden in the summer.  This can save you dollars on your water bills. Rainwater tanks are a convenient way to have water for your garden. If you have an already established home and think it is difficult to fit a rainwater tank in, you will be pleasantly suprised.  Steve from H2o rainwater tanks will give you a quote on a custom built slimline tank, or a rainwater tank that will fit right in with your existing garden. Tanks can be installed in a range of colours and sizes to suit your garden space. Establishing your garden now with the Spring rains is a great way to get started. This will enable your plants to get a jump ahead of the summer heat. Installing a rainwater tank will enable you to store this precious commodity for the summer months when rains are not as frequent. Growing your own fruit and vegetables not only has a positive benefit to your health, it will also save you money.  A productive garden can provide families with an abundance of produce. You can eliminate the need for chemicals. Growing your own will also provide enough to share with family and friends. Gardening has been shown to provide gentle exercise and can be quite meditative.  It gives you the chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine and in turn gain much needed vitamin D and get much needed gentle exercise.

Here are some spring gardening tips from H2ORainwater.

Three shovels in dirt in garden  


Everything slowed down during winter and plants are now keen to have a growth spurt. Help them along with some fertiliser. The advantage of healthy garden plants is that they will be less resistant to disease and will give you abundant blossoms. This time of year plants will need watering if they are to continue to grow, Installing a rainwater tank before the  hot summer months you’ll reap the benefits of having rainwater on tap without a heavy water bill. Add some water retaining agents when you fertilise.

Garden Pests:

Keep an eye out for garden pests and treat where necessary – although it’s a good idea to wait for a while to see if they build up. If you use chemical sprays, you’ll inhibit the good work of other insects which will keep pests like aphids under control. Set up traps for snails by using orange peel. Hosing off bugs like white fly and aphids.


If you are keeping a lawn this will need feeding too with a high nitrogen, slow-release fertiliser and you’ll soon see the difference with a vibrant green and lush lawn.


Spring is also time for some pruning, deadhead flowering winter plants and other tidying up.


Once you’ve installed your rainwater tank you’re ready to capture the Spring rain, and to make sure you get optimum benefit from your water conservation you should mulch all your garden beds. Mulching helps hold in the moisture, leaving you to manage rainwater more effectively. Mulching helps keep down weeds and if your mulch is organic it also adds extra nutrients to the soil. Don’t forget your veggies. If you’re watering ornamental plants with captured rainwater from your rainwater tank you can also plant a summer crop of vegetables – don’t forget to wait until the frosts are over though. October planting is often the best time of year, as the soil is beginning to warm. There’s lots of advice on suitable vegetable plantings for Adelaide conditions available from the experts at the Diggers Garden Shop who are happy to share their knowledge through workshops, masterclasses and video tutorials. Installing a rainwater tank to suit your specific needs will reap cost benefits in the future and make use of a natural resource.        

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