Slimline Rainwater Tanks

 Everyone loves a diet success story and our Slimline Rainwater Tanks retain their shape no matter how much water they are holding.

Small Garden Areas

If you have a small garden and  keen on water conservation, then a  slimline rainwater tank from a proud Adelaide business is a great solution for you. We love our Slimline rainwater tanks because they are a great fit in small spaces and look good, integrating into your garden space without being intrusive. With the shift in weather patterns and the need to conserve every drop of rain, rainwater storage has become an essential part of keeping a healthy garden without the ongoing enormous expense of paying for mains water. As well as being a boon to a lush garden, rainwater is safe to drink and safe for kids to play in during the hot summer months – just don’t drink it from puddles! The safest way of collecting rainwater is in a tank, and if we say so ourselves, our tanks are the best! Building rainwater tanks is something we are passionate about and we are happy to serve our clients in the Adelaide area and beyond with solutions for rainwater collection which fit their needs. Getting back to our range of Slimline rainwater tanks for awkward places, we are happy to discuss how we can best serve you with a long-lasting galvanised iron rainwater tank which will collect your free rainwater.

Reasons to have a slimline rainwater tank

There are so many reasons to have a rainwater tank in your back yard – not only to rainwater tanks collect water, but they add value to your home, provide you with a guilt-free source of keeping your garden lush during the hottest summer months with the added benefit of providing some fun water splashing activities for your young kids and grandies. We also recommend bathing your dog in rainwater – use the hose to wash off the dust and dirt good dogs seem to be attracted to, and when it’s hot your dogs will also thank you for keeping them cool. We recently spoke about spring gardens and now the warmer weather has hit plants are really on the move, so they need to be kept hydrated with plenty of water. There’s still time for spring rains, so don’t miss out on capturing rainfall when it comes and talk to us about installing a slimline rainwater tank to suit your needs now. Rainwater tanks come in different shapes and sizes and we can custom build a rainwater tank to your specifications. We are also happy to handle the plumbing of your slimline rainwater as we have fully licensed plumbers on board to do the work in and around Adelaide, but we can also liaise with your own plumber to make sure you have a trouble free installation. And best of all, we are happy to discuss your rainwater tank needs and provide you with a competitive quote. Take control of your rainfall by installing a Slimline Rainwater Tank – you’ll save money in the long term and be able to water your garden without guilt!  

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