Case Study: What?:  Rainwater Tank Installation Where?: Magill Client rang Steve to find out about getting a rainwater tank.  They wanted to be able to harvest rainwater to water their plants and also use the water for general household use as well. They are on a “normal” size block/yard and wanted to incorporate rainwater tanks into their landscape. They were interested in water saving principles, and being in controll of their production area and the ability to manage natural resources. They inquired how this could be done.  Steve went out and went through the types and sizes of rainwater tanks available  Together they decided on the number of tanks and the size that they could comfortably fill from their catchment area. The thing that impressed them the most was the fact that Steve from H2O Rainwater tanks could actually manufacture the rainwater tanks that they needed. Install them with the minimal of disturbance to their landscape.  This is an established property with very close neighbours.  Established fencing and gardens and some really beautiful trees.  The owners did not want to destroy this existing landscape and were impressed when Steve said that he could build the tanks onsite with the minimal of disturbance to their existing garden. Prep work was done, and delivery to site was the next step.  Steve worked within the brief and was able to build the rainwater tanks onsite, where the client had requested . As you can see from the pictures, they blend in well! They have filters installed as well as the necessary piping to catch the water and to deliver the water to where it needs to be. They now have 2 tanks that will hold  20,000litres of quality rainwater each that can be used for the garden or for household use.        

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