Rainwater Storage

Decades of research and trails have come up with the best rainwater storage solutions and these solutions are available through H2O Rainwater Tanks. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff  are happy to walk you through the best rainwater collection system for your needs.

Adelaide Mains Water

Our household water in Adelaide comes mainly from the mains which has variable water quality and depends on a complex range of sources including the River Murray, reservoirs and the Adelaide Desalination Plant. Water from the mains is a heavily used resource, so the ability to collect and store our own water will become a critical factor in the future of our environment. If you already have a rainwater tank rusting in your garden it’s time for a replacement – you’ll save water and save dollars at the same time as doing your bit to support the environment.  The only way we could figure how to do that was to line it with plastic, but that’s still not a very effective way to store water in the long term.

Uses for stored rainwater

Rainwater storage tanks give you an amazing amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing how to use your water. You can use rainwater from your rainwater tank to water the garden, wash the dog and fill up the paddling pool, which are the obvious outdoor uses. But you can also use rainwater from your rainwater tank and plumb it in to your toilets to flush instead of using mains water in Adelaide, and you can even use it in your laundry and showers – this is especially valuable if you are in areas where your water is ‘hard’.

Food Grade Lining -Aquaplate

Water collected in your rainwater tank can be used for drinking and here, at H2O Rainwater Tanks, we suggest Aquaplate as the best option for drinking water quality.  Rainwater tanks constructed with Aquaplate are coated with a special food grade polymer to ensure water drinking quality. Aquaplate also has a 20-year warranty and is considered the highest-grade tank for water quality – it also comes in a range of Colorbond colours so you can match your new tank to the existing colour theme of your home or business premises.

Saving Money with Rainwater Tanks

Using rainwater can cause a significant drop in your mains water bills and can reduce your reliance on mains water by as much as 100%, depending on the size of your rainwater tank and water usage. By using stored rainwater you contribute towards the reduction of the need for the construction of new dams or desalination plans, you will protect remaining environmental flows in rivers and will reduce infrastructure operating costs. Rainwater collection also reduces stormwater runoff and helps to reduce local flooding. We love helping Adelaide and all South Australian residents find innovative ways to cut household costs and reduce their environmental footprint through the installation of rainwater tanks. Don’t waste water in your leaky tank - we can remove it for you as part of our service and replace it with a custom-built rainwater tank to suit your needs. Call Steve now, on 0428477610 or fill out the form below for some advice on construction of your rainwater tank!

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