Firefighting Rainwater Tank at Blackwood, SA.

Its September! A firefighting rainwater tank install for our clients at Blackwood, SA. Our clients are looking forward to protecting their property in the summer and have decided to install a “Firefighting Tank”. I asked Steve what the difference was between a firefighting tank and a rainwater tank, as they look the same!  He replied that in this council area  residents are required to have a rainwater tank fitted for firefighting purposes! There you go.   Blackwood is in the base of the hills around Adelaide and as such falls in a medium bushfire risk area. 39 councils have now designated bushfire protection areas in their boundaries. As such they have their own bushfire planning and building requirements for home owners. You can find out if your home is in these council areas and if they come under these bushfire protection and building requirements via the SA Gov site. Our Clients knew this and made sure that when they looked at the rainwater tank they needed they made sure it fitted the criteria needed. The requirements state that in a medium bushfire risk area, they needed to have a dedicated fire water supply of at least 2000ltrs.  Our Clients tank was for 21,000ltrs and set with a great level gravel base.  As you can see they have a dedicated hose for use on a fire should one occur! Getting the tank in was a bit of a tight squeeze as Steve had to walk it up the narrow path. Luckily for the clients, he builds on site. So all this great work was done with minimal disruption to the existing garden.  Looks like it was meant to be there!
gravel base for rainwater tank

Gravel Base for Rainwater Tank

completed rainwater tank

Completed Firefighting Rainwater Tank

  If you live in the Adelaide hills or even on the plains, bushfire is something that we all don’t want.  Apart from maintaining the fuel load on your property and keeping it mowed, and firebreaks maintained.  We all should be thinking of installing a dedicated firefighting water tank so that if the need arises, you have the means to put the fire out until help arrives.  As we are coming into Spring and eventually Summer and we have had the driest winter for some time, we all should be thinking of our bushfire plan and how to implement it when the time comes. Having a rainwater tank that is made of Galvanised Steel, or Aquaplate steel is a better option for homes in bushfire prone areas.  You can read about how different types of tank perform in a bushfire here. If you are looking for a rainwater tank for firefighting or for collecting drinking water, now is the time to give Steve a Call on 0428 477 610 or Email him to arrange a no obligation quote for your new rainwater tank.  

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