We are all touched by bushfires, we all should be thinking of how to bushfire proof our properties. Having a rainwater tank to be used for fire fighting efforts is a must for many rural properties. The local CFS reminds us to be bushfire ready.  Being bushfire ready means having a workable plan for you and your family in the event of a bushfire.  This does not have to be a war and peace novel.  Your bushfire ready plan is designed by you and it includes your family members. By regularly  practicing who does what will becomes second nature. Include what you do before the fire danger season, on a fire-ban day, during and after a bushfire. You should also include a plan as to when you will leave the property so that you are not trapped by the fire.  The CFS website has a handy 5 minute exercise so you can create your own Bushfire Plan. Another means of protecting your property may also include allowing extra space for storage of water in the event of a bushfire.  Using a specially designed rainwater tank, you can store at least 10,000ltres of water in the tank at all times, this will be available to use for fire fighting purposes. Usually, the size of the tank will include this, so the tank would at minimum be 20,000ltrs or more.  When the main water supply is depleted, the remaining 10,000ltrs will still be available for use in an emergency.  This will also act as ballast in the dry weather preventing the tank from being blown away by winds.     This remaining 10,000ltrs would have a special tap, and fitting called a London fitting or a Storz fitting.  This is the preferred fitting used by local and interstate fire firefighters.  It will allow them to use this water from your rainwater tank to help with firefighting efforts.  You can have the tank fitted with a pump and hoses that can be used in the event of a fire.  These fittings would be of materials that will withstand heat and be able to be pulled around the home to extinguish any fires.  Sprinklers and pipes should be metal so as not to melt.   Alternately having a roof mounted sprinkler system in place and connected to a pump with a separate power supply is also a viable option. Having a pump and generator(diesel or petrol) handy as during bushfire there may not be any power supply. In the event that you are looking at any of the above systems for your property this summer, please call Steve on 0428 477 610 or email: info@h2orainwatertanks.com.au to arrange a no obligation quote. *Bushfire plan and image of 5 minute bushfire plan are borrowed from the CFS Site*

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