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  Our next Galvanised rainwater tank installation was for a lovely couple from Paringa, S.A. 5340.  Paringa is in the riverland area of South Australia.  This town is situated on the Murray River and as such gets most of its water from the river. However, some families choose to take control of their water supply and install rainwater tanks. At present areas of the riverland are experiencing very dry weather patterns. concrete base for rainwater tank Our family have decided to install 2 rainwater tanks, 1 to replace an existing rainwater tank and the 2nd one is a new addition.  They have a really great concrete base prepared for the installation, and it was just up to Steve to install the rainwater tanks.       Steve was able to advise the family from Paringa on the size that they will need and the one that will give them the best value for money. They chose tanks  of 17,500litres to suit their household needs.                     Here is a new report through Water Sensitive SA that will give you some ideas on what size tank will do what and what size roof area is needed to fill your tank or tanks.   Table on size of rainwater tanks for roof size and capacity This property has a large roof area being from the shed as well as from the home.  This would be ample to fill the rainwater tanks.  During winter and into spring the family would gain quite a bit of water (subject to rain).         Please note that this report and information is based on rainfall for your area and your roof or catchfall capacity.  These figures will give you a  good indication of what can be expected when rainfall is good and it is based past weather patterns and rainfall data.     **Table thanks to Natural Resources Management Board -"Water Sensitive SA" you can read more on this here Are you thinking about your families water needs? Why not give Steve a call, and he will be happy to quote you on a rainwater thank that will meet your needs and custom make it to your requirements.  

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