Aquaplate Rainwater Tank

Our latest Aquaplate Rainwater Tank installation was for a family at Humbug Scrub.  The old rainwater tank was just a bit rusty and had developed a few leaks and was just not doing the job it had been built for.restricted access as indicated by the old rainwater tank with all the plants and garden around it.            the base for the new rainwater tank once the old tank was removed it has a brick base      

New Adavancements

As we all know, everything has a shelf life, and rainwater tanks are no exception.  When rainwater tanks were built previously, they did not have the technology we do today.  And I am sure that in another 20years we will find more improvements in making infrastructure last even longer. With the elements that a galvanised rainwater tank experiences, they will eventually rust, which will end up as a leak or leaks. The area you are in might experience a bushfire, which might cause the rainwater tank to scorch, or buckle which can lead to cracks and leaks or in the case of plastic rainwater tanks, melting. Then there are all the pollutants off the roof and from the atmosphere that will collect inside the tank and eventually cause build up. This might lead to rust on the inside and leaks developing.  All in all rainwater tanks can have a hard life! old leaky rainwater tank ready to be taken away

Aquaplate Technology

All this been said, this is why Bluescope Steel have developed Aquaplate. This means that the rainwater tank has a food grade internal liner that protects the inside of the tank from the water. Aquaplate comes with a 20 year warranty! Ensuring our family of another 20 or more years of great rainwater. Now, lets change the mood a little.  As we had mentioned this family needed a new rainwater tank as their rainwater tank was leaking, and it could have been any of the above or non of the above that caused this leak.

How to get your Custom Built Rainwater Tank

They did the right thing in contacting Steve from H2O Rainwater Tanks to chat about their situation.  Steve was able to give them an honest appraisal and timeline to install their rainwater tank on their property. As you can see from the images that he achieved this without removing any of their lovely plants or wrecking the landscape.  This Aquaplate rainwater tank is a gorgeous Pale Eucalypt and it blends in well with its surroundings. It took no time for Steve to custom build the rainwater tank and have it erected on the property. This tank is ready to go and will provide our family with another 20-30years of trouble free, clean rainwater.

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If you are thinking of getting a replacement rainwater tank or your rainwater tank is leaking, why not give Steve a call or email for a no obligation quote and have your rainwater tank installed.pale eucalypt rainwater tank on base in Humbug Scrub sa

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