Galvanised Rainwater Tank

Galvanised Rainwater Tank -Prospect Hill SA.

Another happy customer wanting to increase their water supply and safeguard their water supplies with a galvanised rainwater tank. Prospect Hill is not far from us, in the Southern Hills area around Adelaide, You can find out more about the town here. It seems their main industry is forestry and has quite a few eateries, and the hills why not! Our clients property did have some really nice views! A nice leafy suburb affording some great views and great weather.

The Need

Our clients had the need to increase their water holding capacity to facilitate their lifestyle.  They already had a galvanised rainwater tank and had plenty of roof space to capture rainwater. They called in Steve to give them a quote, as their property is established with many trees and access might be a bit difficult for large machinery, not to mention the expense of installing a prebuilt rainwater tank.

The Build

Fortunately for us, they already had an area that was paved, and level for us to erect the rainwater tank on. We pre-made some of the panels in our workshop and were able to move them into position piece by piece.
Base layer of galvanised rainwater tank in prospect hill sa

Base layer on flat area in Prospect Hill SA

We then started the process of the base layer, the liner and then adding the subsequent layers to create a new rainwater tank for our clients. The area we need to work in had 2 tanks already on one side, trees on the other, sheds on another side and the house on another side. As you can see getting into this area with a prebuilt rainwater tank would be a tad difficult.
evening view of completed galvanised rainwater tanks at prospect hill sa

Side by side 2x 22,500ltr rainwater tanks at Prospect Hill SA

2 galvanised rainwater tanks at prospect hill sa all plumbed in

Final view of the galvanised rainwater tanks in prospect hill SA

                    We proceeded to build them two 22,500litre galvanised rainwater tanks. They fit in nicely with the other galvanised rainwater tanks! Easy peesy when you choose to go with a custom-built rainwater tank and the tank builder (Aka Steve) knows how to overcome the limitations of space by building onsite. And the bonus was they did not have to wait too long to get the tank installed. Way to go! You can check out more of our installations here. Are you looking to purchase a rainwater tank and have a tight area to fit it into to? Why not give Steve a call on 04 2847 7610 or drop him an email! Lets us get your rainwater tank installed before the next rain.

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