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Rainwater Tank Installation at Hartley, SA

Hartley is a town located in South Australia, along the Bremer River on the Strathalbyn-Callington Road. Our lovely clients needed to replace their existing rainwater tank, which was not serving them well. They contacted Steve to arrange for a no obligation quote to get a Galvanised Steel rainwater tank installed. Their property is established, and they wanted the tank tucked in behind the shed like the old one was. site access to rainwater tanks             They already have other rainwater tanks and have plenty of roof space to act as collection area for their rainwater. We did notice that to get to the position where the rainwater tank will be installed. We would have to walk through some undercover areas that would not facilitate a large, fully erected rainwater tank. Fortunately Steve has the know how and workshop where he can custom make all the tanks we supply. We are able to pre manufacture them to the sizes that you require. We then put them on our truck and transport them to your home or farm. Having this ability to custom make rainwater tanks puts us in a class of our own. We don’t have long waiting times, we save you money because we do not need expensive cranes, we save your garden from destruction, as we do not need to remove established plants etc to get the rainwater tank installed. Base for rainwater tank           We transport the tank in pieces and then Steve and Crew, will start with the base and work their magic, including the food safe liner (which protects the inside of the tank and the water that you will drink) to complete the installation of your rainwater tank. We are happy to mention that usually our installs can be done in a day if you already have the base done. We will also make sure that your water is connected to be available for you to use. We discuss this with you prior to installation so that Steve has the necessary equipment on hand to complete the job. Our Clients were happy with the no fuss installation of their rainwater tank and are looking forward to many years of great tasting water or water for their much loved garden.

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