Aquaplate Rainwater Tank-Clarendon, SA

Our latest Aquaplate Rainwater Tank installation was for a lovely family from Clarendon, SA. They have a large concrete tank as well as an older green rainwater tank. This  rainwater tank as we found is between sheds and behind the massive concrete tank. The old tank was leaking it was 55 years old! and the clients wanted it replaced. They did not know how they were going to get a new tank in as the access was very tight. They did the right thing and called us! It provided us with a few challenges, as we found out that the old tank was lined with concrete! This in itself creates a problem, it becomes quite heavy to move and when you cut the steel you then have to deal with the concrete! Needless to say, we did quite a bit of carting and cleaning to get the site ready for the new Aquaplate tank. The base was still in good condition so, this meant that once we moved the old tank away we could start building the new tank. base for rainwater tank behind shadehouse and next to green shed The service we provide, enables us to work in tight areas and we can custom build your tank to your specifications. In this case the client selected a lovely sage green and they get a modern tank, no concrete and a food grade liner. This tank should last them for quite a few years, maybe another 55years. And the bonus is that they did not have to wait long to get the tank installed. The colour the client chose matches rather nicely with the garden shed and blends in well with the garden. If you’re looking for a replacement rainwater tank, to fit in that tight area. Custom made to your specification and suited to your budget and done without a long wait time. Get in early and give Steve from H2O Rainwater Tanks a call. Steve will come out a give you an honest appraisal of your old tank and the cost of a replacement tank. New rainwater tank in place ready to collect water Clarendon, SA

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