Aquaplate Rainwater Tank-Woodland Gray-College Park, S.A.

Our recent Aquaplate Rainwater tank build was for clients in College Park, SA. We usually build on site to enable us to fit in without too much disruption to the householders garden. This client was different! We actually built the tank and carried it in! This rainwater tank is much smaller than any that we have previously installed. This has meant that we could remove the existing old rusty tank and replace with a newer more robust Aquaplate Rainwater tank.

old leaking galvanised iron rainwater tank with rust marks from leaking rainwater

Our client is fortunate to have great access to the back yard for their tank. This still meant that we needed to be careful that in bringing in the tank, we did not destroy any of the existing infrastructure.

The old tank was tired and leaky as you can clearly see by the rust marks on the tank. Our clients have a great garden right next to the tank. They wanted the new tank situated in the same position as the pipework had already been set up.

preparing to move the leaky rainwater tank  

The client purchased a “Malestrom Filter” so we were able to fit this to the rainwater tank. These filters are great they enable the water to be filtered from debris before it enters the rainwater tank. Click here to see how they work The colour chosen for the Aquaplate Rainwater tank is called Woodland Gray, you will agree that this is a great colour choice for the property. If you are looking to replace your tired leaky rainwater tank that is situated in a tight spot, why not give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 to arrange a free no obligation quote on your new rainwater tank.

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