Rainwater Tank Aldinga SA

Rainwater Tank- Aldinga, SA

Our recent Rainwater tank was in Aldinga S.A.  Our Clients have always had a great rainwater tank, you can see from the great tank stand.  We found that the battens on the tank stand were rotten so had to replace these and make it all level for the new rainwater tank. Some of these tanks were built a while ago and the tank stand looks very robust, but obviously the tank had seen better days. The client was used to having great rainwater for all the household needs.  Believe it or not this tank will hold 4300 litres of water.  With constant and regular rainfall this could supply a small family with clean great tasting water. Here is a great “Choice” article on saving water in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry- https://www.choice.com.au/home-improvement/water/saving-water/articles/water-saving-home-guide   At present in Adelaide area we have received some great rainfall and by the looks of things, we may be getting a wee bit more.  Does your rainwater tank need a fix up or replacing?  Why not give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 he will be happy to arrange a no obligation quote on your next rainwater tank and installation. Get in quick, before the rains and you will be set for some great savings and awesome rainwater for your home. You will probably find that our turnaround time is shorter than some of the plastic rainwater tanks expecially in different sizes and we will custom make your rainwater tank, so that we do not have to remodel your backyard, or take your garden apart to fit in your tank.

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