Galvanised Rainwater Tank-Modbury

Completed Galvanised Rainwater Tank-Modbury

Galvanised Rainwater Tank at Modbury, SA

A few months ago, we were asked to replace a very old Galvanised Rainwater Tank in Modbury, SA. When I say old, I mean like 40 plus years old.  This tank has seen some better days.  As you can see it was not in great shape.  I don’t think they used it very much! Might have leaked a bit.

old rusted rainwater tank

this is the rusted old tank that we will be replacing.


As you can see the access to this property is fairly limited. With this tank being so old and in disrepair meant that it had to be cut up and moved from the property before we could get in to install the new one.

We form the shape and size of our tanks in our workshop and then transport them to the location.  This way, the tank is more protected from stone chips which can occur when tanks are transported on trucks.

This build required us to remove the old rotten stand as well and we then tidied up the existing concrete base for the new tank to be seated on a level surface.

new base for the tank to be placed on.


The next step was to replace the tank, the client required a galvanised tank, we replaced the old tank with a 3000 litre tank. 

This will be used as much needed water for the existing garden on this property.

Is your rainwater tank looking a bit worse for wear? Are you worried that it will be very costly to remove and replace your rainwater tank because of access restrictions or tight spaces?

Go From Thisrusted tank,…….. to This    New Galvanised Rainwater Tank

Why not give Steve a call at H20 Rainwater tanks? He will gladly provide you with a quote for your new tank build, without the costs of cranes etc as he specialises on building your rainwater tank on site without disruption to your garden or a hole in your bank balance!

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