Rainwater Tank Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel rainwater tank on hill at clarendon property


Rainwater Tank-Galvanised Steel-Clarendon, SA,5157

Our recent rainwater tank installation was for a lovely family from Clarendon, SA. They have opted for a Galvanised Steel Rainwater tank.

This tank will collect the water from their home as well as the sheds.  This household only has rainwater as their water supply.

Clarendon is in the City of Onkaparinga click here to find out more on their policy on rainwater tanks.


Our family chose a 40,000litre aquaplate tank. Getting an Aquaplate rainwater tank, will ensure that the water that they collect will be clean and safe for drinking. 

The lining will also look after the tank so they can continue to have clean water for many years.

Gravel base for tank

We were so well looked after as the homeowner completed the base for the tank before we arrived. This a property with some lovely view, and this made the tank installation special.  We got to admire the views as it was such a beautiful day.




As you can see from the pictures the tank on the hill looks great. This property has some great areas so the access was not as tight as normal, however we still had to work to the situation with the install. galvanised steel rainwater tank





If you live anywhere in the state of South Australia and would like a rainwater tank custom built and installed in no time, give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 or email info@h20rainawatertanks.com.au to arrange a no-obligation quote.  We usually don’t have a long wait time, and would love to feature your rainwater tank on our website. 

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