Aquaplate steel rainwater tanks for clients in Jervois, SA.

These Rainwater tanks were built for our client who lives on a rural property near Tailem Bend in South Australia These rainwater tanks will provide their home with a great resource of clean crystal clear drinking water.  Their home is situated on 5acres and they wanted to set up their own supply of beautiful rainwater.  They contacted Steve from H2O Rainwater Tanks and selected this beautiful ‘Deep Ocean’ Aquaplate Colour to complement their home and surrounds.  These tanks were built on site. Because this home is on a large piece of land it was a great fit and allowed Steve to do his install with lots of room for movement.

Catchment Consideration

We spoke with the clients and worked out how much rain fell in their area. This enabled us to work out their catchment area.This included roofs of the home and sheds. We worked out the amount of rainfall for the area, and advised on the size of the tanks needed. We also took into consideration how our clients wished to use this water.  These tanks are approx. 17,000litres each and this will typically supply a household and garden with good quality water for a  period of time.  This still meant that these tanks were custom made to our clients specs and were assembled on site in a day for each tank.

Siting the Tanks and Base Preparation

We were able to sculpt out a pad to ensure that the tanks were level. Having the pad(the base for the tank to sit on) level, means that we can maximise the distribution of the water without warping and distorting the tank. We then set up the pump and valves to plumb the rainwater tanks back into the house. Enabling our clients to utilise the clean clear water in their home.

Benefits to the Client

Having their own rainwater tanks setup will save our clients on ongoing costs of water from the water authorities. They are also utilising a resource that is provided for free from nature.  Having their own water supply also means that if there is a disruption to supplies, they have a source of good drinking water.  If you’re looking for ways and means to save money and use natural resources or to become self-sufficient, having your own supply of good potable water is nothing to be sneezed at.  Why not give Steve from H2O Rainwater Tanks a call now to arrange a no obligation quote on your custom made rainwater tank. You can forget about the wait time that most other suppliers have, and the rainwater tank that Steve makes for you will be custom made to your specifications and installed in a timely fashion with minimal disruption to your garden space.  Give Steve a call now on 0428477610

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