Steel Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Finding prices for your steel rainwater tank can be quite a task.

However, talking to Steve at H2O Rainwater Tanks, can take the hassle out of your search and he will provide you with a no obligation quote for your Steel Rainwater Tank in and around Adelaide, SA.

Below are some points to consider when looking for prices and quality Steel Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

  • The best type of steel rainwater tank are those that are made with Aquaplate Steel.  Bluescope Steel has created a product called Aquaplate Steel.  It has been purposely created so it can be used in rainwater tanks.
  • How does it work? It is a lining that is attached to the inside of the tank.  The Aquaplate lining then acts as a membrane that does two things. 
    • a) It becomes a membrane that protects the taste of the water and prevents it from taking on the taste of the tank.
    • b) It also protects the steel from being in constant contact with water, which can eventually cause the steel rainwater tank to develop leaks.
  • Aquaplate Steel is  Australia’s best Steel Rainwater Tank material, and comes  with a 20year warranty.
  • Aquaplate Steel Rainwater Tanks come in a variety of colours to suit most garden colour schemes.
  • Bluescope Steel has also provided a brochure about rainwater harvesting that can provide you with a checklist as well as an overview of how to set up a rainwater harvesting system for your home.
  • Steel rainwater tanks still last for a long time but with this coating you can be sure that your tank is guaranteed for 20years.

 Fire protection

Having a Steel Rainwater tank to use for fire protection of your property can provide you with water in the event of a bushfire.

Over the past few years there has been some testing done on Poly tanks versus Steel rainwater tanks in a bushfire situation.  The steel rainwater tanks outperformed the poly tanks when exposed to the intense heat of a bushfire. We have a post about Poly vs Steel Rainwater Tanks here, and you can download a pdf on this as well.

Useful Information and Rainwater Tank Tips

Here is a recent publication called Tankulator and you can browse this to get an idea of steel tank prices and how to estimate the size of the tank you may require.  This has some useful information and can be used as a guide when selecting your Steel Rainwater Tank.

What is stopping you from getting a quote for your next steel rainwater tank?

Give Steve a call now, on 0428477610 to arrange a no obligation quote for a custom built steel rainwater tank.  You never know he might have some special deals available in your area.


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