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Rainwater Tank installation-Longwood, SA 5153

Our clients have a property in Longwood, SA,5153,and it was time for them to upgrade their leaking rainwater tank.  The existing galvanized steel rainwater tank on the property was showing signs of rust and leaking so they have called us in to quote them on a replacement rainwater tank. They also have some concrete tanks on the property.  They do not have access to town supply and need to be able to collect rainwater to supply the families water needs. The alternative for this family is that they will need to buy in water to take care of their needs.  Having multiple rainwater tanks and adequate roof space will ensure continuity of supply of good drinking water.     Their property is in the hills, and as such access can be a bit difficult as the rainwater tank is situated on the hill. As you can see access with a completed rainwater tank would be very difficult.  We have chosen as always to pre build components of the rainwater tank and then transport to site.  Once here we can then place the components on site and then put the tank together.  This method eliminates the need for heavy cranes and also removal of trees and vegetation.       The base was already there and the clients have selected a galvanized Steel rainwater tank.  We still apply the Aquaplate lining to protect the tank and the water.               Steve was able to erect the tank in a day and ensure that it was plumbed in properly so that our clients are able to utilise the great water that this tank will collect for years to come. You can contact us here or call Steve on 0428 477 610 to arrange a no obligation quote on your next rainwater tank installation.  

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