Rainwater Tank Installation-Leawood Gardens, SA

Completed Rainwater Tank at Leawood Gardens, SA

Completed Rainwater Tank Leawood Gardens, SA

Our most recent rainwater tank installation was in Leawood Gardens, SA, 5150. Leawood Gardens is situated in the Council areas of Mitcham and Burnside, SA. It is a leafy suburb situated in the foothills and close to the Hysen Tunnels. Our Clients did have a rainwater tank which they found to be leaking and needing repair.  The base of the tank was still great so there was no need to replace it. This is an established property with a great garden and lots of trees and very limited access for huge items such as rainwater tanks. Here is some council information on rainwater tanks in this area, it provides a guide for those building in the area.
access path for rainwater tank at Leawood, SA

Path to new Rainwater Tank

Our clients gave Steve a call and showed him the access that he needed to work with to get the rainwater tank in.  As you can see from the path, this is definitely not a large area.  Fortunately, Steve custom makes his rainwater tanks, and can bring the components on site, then assemble the rainwater tank.  This eliminates the need for cranes or chopping down of trees or re-landscaping the area.    
Concrete base ready for the rainwater tank

Concrete base ready for the rainwater tank

Once the base of the tank was installed the rest comes together like a great mechano        
Base of the rainwater tank in place

base of rainwater tank in place

set. The tank is a galvanised rainwater tank and has an Aquaplate lining to protect the tank and the rainwater.    Our clients will be having some great water for their home for many years to come. Are you in need of a rainwater tank? Does your property have limited access or obstacles that need to be worked around? Why not give Steve from H20Rainwater Tanks a call! Or email Steve for a no obligation Quote on your next rainwater tank installation. If you’ve had your rainwater tank replaced or made by Steve, you can leave a review here

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