Squat Rainwater Tank Murray Bridge SA

squat tank in murray bridge sa

Squat Rainwater Tank installed in Murray Bridge SA.


This build saw us in Murray Bridge SA. Our Clients required a Squat rainwater tank to fit on their existing tank stand.

If you live in or around Murray Bridge, here is a helpful chart about estimating your tank size and the amounts of rainwater that various activities require and how you can meet these requirements.

The build was a change for us, not requiring too much manipulation.  We did not have to work in confined spaces.

Our Clients existing rainwater tank was not great and was removed, so we were not required to construct the tank stand.

We custom build our tanks to a point and then transport them to the site for easy setup.

Our clients are in Murray Bridge so, we needed to travel just over 100kms to the destination and begin work.

Why do we transport our tanks un-assembled and Why do we enjoy custom building your rainwater tank?

Well, we find that it creates less drag when traveling down the highway,

We do not need an escort or have to take up more room on the road.

Most of all, the panels are stacked inside each other, shielding them from stones and any other debris that might be on the road.

Thereby, preventing any scratches and dents in the final product.

Transporting them this way also enables us to maneuver the panels through smaller entrance and exits.

This way of working enables us to create less disruption to your garden or property.

We do not need any heavy machinery, saving you money on your rainwater tank installation.

We strive to create a product that we and you can be proud of having in your yard for many years to come.

Our aim is to create happy customers, who love our work and will refer us to their friends.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get your new rainwater tank installed.  We are happy to quote on this and we travel to most places in South Australia.

You can give Steve a call  to arrange a no obligation quote on your rainwater tank.


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