Rainwater Tank -Bushfire Preparation

Rainwater tank with fittings for home water use and London fitting for firefighting use displayed

We recently quoted for a Rainwater Tank for Bush Fire protection for our clients who live in Aldgate, SA. 
Their home is situated in an area in the Adelaide region that has a high bush fire risk association.

Recent council regulations recommend that those living in bush fire prone areas have a rainwater tank installed to aid with firefighting. You can find out more about SA Gov Requirements for bushfire risk areas:

Aldgate SA is in the”High” bush fire prone area and so our clients needed to have a rainwater tank installed that would cope in the event of a bush fire. Aquaplate steel rainwater tanks are made to withstand bush fire with minimal damage and will not melt in a fire like poly tanks.

Tank Design

Our clients have chosen to have a dedicated tank that holds 50,000Litres. The design of the tank and the fittings means that 22,500litres can be used for fire fighting water and the remaining 27500litres will be plumbed back into the home.

Woodland Grey Aquaplate Rainwater Tank on base in Aldgate SA

As you take a look at the fittings on the tank, the higher one is where the household water will be drawn from and the fitting at the bottom of the tank is where the water will be drawn from for fire fighting.

The fitting at the base of the tank is called a London Fitting, so called to enable quick hookup by firefighters when needed.


For this job we needed to create a new pad for the tank and as you can see by the pictures, we created a level pad.  We used crushed granite for this.  The color of this rainwater tank is Woodland Grey and fits in nicely with the landscape.

We constructed the tank in our workshop and were able to transport them to  the site.  This makes the whole process easier, as and if we need to work in tight spaces or established gardens.

We are able to erect the tank with minimal disturbance and without the use of heavy expensive machinery such as cranes etc.

For those who live in these Bush Fire prone areas, why not give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 to arrange a no obligation quote for your next rainwater tank, to enable you to have that water available to you in the event of a bush fire.

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