Rainwater Tank Installation Athelstone

Green aquaplate tank garden area

Custom Built Aquaplate Steel Rainwater Tank Athelstone

Recently we completed another custom built steel rainwater tank installation for clients in Athelstone, SA.

Our clients have been living in their family home for many long years and both are keen gardeners. They have had a galvanised rainwater tank to catch their rainwater from the day they purchased the property.

After all those years of lovingly attending to their garden, they noticed that the old galvanised tank was not looking so good. And with beautiful gardens and landscaping that had lovingly established around the tank.

How to replace the tank didn’t look like an easy task to the owners.

Rainwater Tank Inspection and Quote:

They called Steve from H2O Rainwater Tanks and upon inspection he made them aware that there was no need to cut down trees or take up any gardening to replace the old rusty galvanised tank.

galvanised rainwater tank with ladder next to it.


The tank base was in very good condition and they wanted to replace the tank with one of an equivalent size. The only change to the garden was the temporary moving of the potted plants located on around the tank on the raised base.


The existing Galvanised tank had a malthoid membrane which sits between the tank and the stand.We set about removing this from the  tank stand.

This membrane, Malthoid is a durable damp course waterproofing that can prevent condensation corrosion under the galvanised tanks. (Malthoid is a heavy felt impregnated with bitumen and coated in a fine sand to prevent sticking)
As our clients were looking at replacing the galvanised tank with an Aquaplate tank this malthoid is not required as the Aquaplate steel flooring has its own protective membrane internally and externally.

The rust marks visible on the old tanks are indicators that the rainwater tank was in desperate need of replacement. Aquaplate steel is available as galvanised or colourbond external finishes and comes with its own lining.

Aquaplate Lining

The lining is a food grade polymer for superior water quality and rust prevention. This has an extended life span and manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years.

The clients tank was originally the steel look galvanised tank, however we colour matched it wonderfully with an aquaplate  colour. We matched it to the  existing pergola and garden. The new colour is called Pale Eucalypt.

Custom Building the tank

As this property was such a tight fit we built the tank on site. We transported the tank components to the site. We then  cut out and removed the old tank and cleaned up the tank stand. We were then ready to construct the new tank directly onto the base. 

As you can see from the photos, the tight fit of the walk way and the beautiful garden area.

view of entrance to back yardThis is the view from the carport area of the new rainwater tank, it fits in nicely doesn’t it.

Great job H2O Rainwater Tanks, why not give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 or look them up on the web at https://www.h2orainwatertanks.com.au and I am sure he would love to come out and quote on replacing your old rusty, leaky rainwater tank.

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