• 2 Built on site 50,000ltr Aquaplate tanks

    Steel Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

    Finding prices for your steel rainwater tank can be quite a task. However, talking to Steve at H2O Rainwater Tanks, can take the hassle out of [...]
  • Green aquaplate tank garden area

    Rainwater Tank Installation Athelstone

    Custom Built Aquaplate Steel Rainwater Tank Athelstone Recently we completed another custom built steel rainwater tank installation for clients [...]
  • Steel rainwater tank with fire and flames around it

    Performance Guide-Rainwater Tanks

    Steel Rainwater Tanks vs Poly Rainwater Tanks Performance guide of Rainwater tanks Studies dating back to Oct 2o06 were  undertaken to [...]
  • rainwater tank firefighting fitting

    Rainwater Tanks for Fire Fighting

    We are all touched by bushfires, we all should be thinking of how to bushfire proof our properties. Having a rainwater tank to be used for fire [...]
  • Child holding a water can with holes and water dripping through

    Rainwater Storage

    Decades of research and trails have come up with the best rainwater storage solutions and these solutions are available through H2O Rainwater [...]
  • 20,000ltr rainwater tanks in Magill established garden tight area

    Rainwater Tank Install-Magill SA

    Case Study: What?:  Rainwater Tank Installation Where?: Magill Client rang Steve to find out about getting a rainwater tank.  They [...]
  • slimline rainwater tank oval shape with wooden fence to hide it

    Slimline Rainwater Tanks

     Everyone loves a diet success story and our Slimline Rainwater Tanks retain their shape no matter how much water they are holding. Small Garden [...]
  • galvanised steel rainwater tank on existing base

    Galvanised Steel Rainwater Tanks

    The iconic Adelaide backyard piece is the traditional galvanised (galv) steel rainwater tank.  Many houses were built with a rainwater tank to [...]
  • Slimline Aquaplate Tanks

    Rainwater Tanks and Gardening

    The Spring Rains in Adelaide are a boon for gardeners. Rather than letting them go to waste, why not install a rainwater tank to catch this [...]
  • rainwater harvesting grass with water droplets

    Capture the Spring Rains

    How to use rainwater tanks to capture Spring rains. Rainwater Tanks can be a boon for every gardener. They enable us to harvest rainwater in the [...]

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