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rainwater tanks in thier position

 Aquaplate Tanks for Belair, SA, 5052

In May of this year we  built some Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks for a lovely family living in Belair, SA. Belair is situated in the foothills of Adelaide with close proximity to the Belair National Park.

Our clients decided to get a couple of tanks, one was for fire water- no they cannot collect fire water! This water will be used in case of fire thay may threaten their home. In some areas these are a must have. 

The second tank is to be used for the garden, to replenish the soil once the winter rains have ceased and the dry of summer hits.

Our clients used an area situated up against a rockwall and the boundary fence, thus making use of this under-utilised space.

base preparation for tanks

To house the tanks we created a solid base. Once done, we were able to erect the tanks onsite. 

The combination of these two tanks will give them about 24,000litres of water, more when they are constantly replenished with rain.

We manufacture these tanks to spec and erect onsite.  The panels arrive in good condition, as they are stacked and cannot get and scratches or dents from transportation via stones flicking up causing minor dents.



We are also able to utilise smaller  entry and exit points so that we do not damage your garden area, or have the need for costly machinery such as cranes to lift the tank into position.




Steve and Crew work to get you the best product at a cost effective price so that you can enjoy using your rainwater for years to come.




Why not give Steve a call now to arrange an obligation free quote for your next rainwater tank.




aquaplate tanks next to wall in Belair           Rainwater tanks in position

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