Aquaplate Rainwater Tank for Firefighting

aquaplate woodland grey rainwater tank with london fitting on grey base in Lobethal


We built this Aquaplate Woodland Grey Rainwater tank for our  clients in the suburb of Lobethal, South Australia. After the devastating bushfires, our clients are in the process of rebuilding their home.

They live in the leafy suburb of Lobethal, located 35kms east of Adelaide, the translation of the name Lobethal means “Valley of Praise”. Lobethal is surrounded by Apple and Pear Orchids, vineyards and cellar doors. It is known for its sense of community, artisans as well as its bushland walks into the Adelaide Hills. Also famous for the Christmas lights and scenic drives.

Contact to supply
They contacted Steve and H2O Rainwater Tanks for a no obligation quote on the manufacture and supply of an Aquaplate Rainwater tank. The colour they selected was Woodland Grey which will blend in nicely with the surrounding bushland.

Rainwater Tank For Firefighting
Our clients needed a rainwater tank to be used as a dedicated unit for firefighting should it be needed. This tank has the capacity for 22,500 litres of water once filled, it is also installed with a London Fitting.
The idea is that in the case of a bushfire, if no connection to mains supply water is available, then an alternate water supply should be present, to enable firefighters access to water to douse the fire on your property to protect your home.
The fittings do need to be specialised so that easy connection to firefighting equipment can be enabled. The size and the situation of the fitting will facilitate this. Here are some notes on “Ministers Specifications-Additional requirements in designated bushfire prone areas”
Using an Aquaplate or Galvanised rainwater tank for this purpose is regarded highly as these materials are much more fire resistant than poly or fibreglass rainwater tanks.
If you live in the Adelaide Hills area or around Lobethal you will be aware that as part of your bushfire plan and for your own safety, to install an Aquaplate or galvanised Steel rainwater tank.

Give Steve a call on 0428 477 610 to arrange a no obligation quote on your next rainwater or firefighting rainwater tank for your property.
We will pre build your rainwater tank, and install on your site. We do not need any heavy machinery or cranes to install your tank.

Aquaplate Woodland Grey 22,000ltrs
Base preparation for Aquaplate Rainwater Tank
completed Aquaplate Rainwater Tank

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